Vaginal Bleaching

vaginal bleachingVaginal bleaching is becoming an increasingly popular, and unique, form of skin care. Of course, this is a very private issue and having your vagina bleached is something to give great consideration to before starting.

There really isn’t anything wrong with wanting to change your vagina’s skin tone. Just make sure you know about the intimate lightening cream products that are available.

It is also important to know exactly what you are looking at doing, what skin you are wanting to lighten, and what the different terminology is regarding this skin care practice. There is a lot of misleading information out there.


Here is a quick comparison of three vaginal lightening creams that we have reviewed on this site.

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Vaginal Bleaching, Whitening or Lightening?

Before we get to into it, there is one thing to be aware of. It is the difference between vaginal bleaching, vaginal whitening and vaginal lightening. For the most part these terms mean the pretty much the same thing, but there are slight differences that are important.

bleachThis is especially true when it comes to the term “vaginal bleaching”. The phrase itself doesn’t even sound pleasant. I could not imagine putting bleach any where near my vagina. That is some pretty delicate skin down there. Just the thought of it gives me the creeps. I couldn’t imagine the possible irritation and burning.

Luckily, vaginal bleaching isn’t about using bleach to change the color of your vagina. It usually refers to the use of certain “approved” products in order to change the color of  the area surrounding your vagina. Unfortunately, for most manufacturers that promote products for vaginal bleaching, the product usually contains hydroquinone, a popular skin-bleaching ingredient that has been linked to forms of cancer and other health issues.


Stay away from hydroquinone. There are so many other options that are just as effective.

Now, let’s take a look at vaginal whitening. This is a better term as it is not as painful sounding as vaginal bleaching, but it is still not an accurate term. You are not trying to whiten your vagina. The surrounding skin is not white. If you are Caucasian, the skin is most likely pink. If you are Latino or Indian, the skin is some shade of brown. If you are of African decent, the surrounding skin is black or dark brown.

White is definitely not the color we are trying to achieve.

Vaginal lightening, on the other hand, sounds about right. This term covers all skin tones. What you are trying to achieve, no matter what your skin tone, is the lightening of the area around your vagina. You are looking for an even skin tone. Correct?

This is an important distinction because you need to know what you are trying to achieve in order to pick the right product. You are trying to lighten your skin, not bleach it or whiten it. The good news is that there are some really great products out there to use. Check out our Amaira Intimate Natural Lightening Review for more information on our top recommended product.


What to Look For In Vaginal Lightening Creams

There are a couple of very important things to look for when choosing a vaginal lightening product. They are: ingredients, where the product is made, how it is packaged, refund policy, and testimonials. Let’s take a look at each of these.

Ingredients for Vaginal Lightening Cream

The ingredients in a vaginal lightening cream are going to dictate a few things. How effective the product is, how it feels during and after application, and whether there are any potential side effects.

Ingredients to Avoid

Many skin lightening creams contain hydroquinone, which we have discussed earlier in this article. Stronger concentrations are available as prescriptions from a doctor, but there are over the counter creams as well. These creams may also contain mercury, steroids, parabens, or other substances that are known to be harmful to your health. So stay away from these.

Additional ingredients to look out for are strong perfumes or dyes that can cause irritation on sensitive skin. They may smell nice, but itching and discomfort are not pleasant, especially around the vagina.

Good Ingredients to Look for

coconut oilNatural skin lightening ingredients such as Kojic Dipalmitate (from rice) and Alpha Arbutin (from the Bearberry tree) are very effective in lightening skin, and are not known to have any adverse side effects.

Oils that are naturally derived from plants, like coconut oil and jojoba oil are great oils that act as bases for the creams are great for the skin. Additives like Vitamin E, glycerin, and retinol add additional benefits for the skin.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that is essential for healthy skin as it helps skin maintain its natural moisturizers and neutralizes free radicals that damage skin. Glycerin is great for making skin smooth and retaining moisture. And we all know a silky, soft vulva is much more fun to play with.


Retinol (Vitamin A) is also an antioxidant, but it also able to improve discoloration and helps skin look young.

Essential Oils2In terms of fragrance, creams that contain essential oils are best to prevent irritation and discomfort that can come from harsh perfumes and dyes.

Our Top Recommended Cream for Vaginal Lightening


Amaira (My #1 Recommendation) – Amaira Natural Skin Care is a US based company that specializes in a variety of natural topical application products for the following uses: lightening dark areas the skin, reducing scars, reducing dark eye circles, and restoring vaginal strength and tightness. Their Intimate Natural Lightening Serum is designed for lightening dark areas and spots of skin and is sensitive enough to be used for intimate lightening.

Amaira Intimate Natural Lightening Serum contains 4 different skin lightening ingredients: Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, Mulberry Extract, and Bearberry Extract.

The product comes in an “airless” bottle and is manufactured in the United States in an FDA registered facility in Newport Beach, California.

Currently, single bottles are $41.99 (normally $66.95) and three bottles cost $71.99 (normally $196.85). These are great prices for a superior product.


What about ordering two bottles? Right now, instead of offering a two bottle discount, Amaira is offering a subscription option. If you subscribe for $41.99 per month, you will receive a single bottle of Amaira Natural Lightening Serum and a FREE BOTTLE (every month) of their new product – Amaira Eye Illuminating Serum that diminishes dark eye circles and crow feet. This is a great deal and a great way to keep you looking your best.

It is recommended to take advantage of the multi-bottle discount, especially since you essentially get a free bottle if you order the 3 bottle deal. If this product works for you, which is more than likely, you will be purchasing more than one bottle. Might as well save a bit of money.

The price and product is backed by a 60 day refund policy. This duration is plenty of time to test the product for effectiveness on your skin type.

Amaira is now featuring FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders in the United States that are placed through their website.

Manufacturer Information

In this day and age of the global marketplace, it is important to know where the products you are using are coming from. As well all know there are manufacturers that are based outside of the United States. There are also companies that are based in the US, but manufacture their products overseas to save on costs. Then there are companies that are both based in and make their products in the US.

When it comes to creams used for vaginal lightening, or any other skin lightening use for that matter, it is important to use those products that are both based in the US and made in the US. This is primarily due to quality control. The United States has regulations that deal with maintaining the quality of ingredients used in cosmetics, including skin creams.


Overseas manufacturers are not held to such regulations, so the quality of ingredients used in their products cannot necessarily be trusted. There are many “imitators” out there, so be aware.

As well, manufacturers that are based in the US are more reliable and tend to have better customer service practices in place to assist you when needed, like refunds or exchanges.

Vaginal Lightening Cream Packaging

So what is so important about the packaging for vaginal lightening products? It is not the outer packaging that is important, but the way the creams are contained. Many companies utilize a tub with a screw on lid as a container. This can lead to decreased effectiveness of the lightening cream as the active ingredients and lose efficacy when exposed to the air.

Good manufacturers, like Amaira, use a more expensive option, the airless bottle. These bottles are designed to dispense product without allowing air into the container. This extends the shelf life of vaginal lightening cream, which is an important consideration since you will be using the product over time.


Refund Policies

Most US based vaginal lightening cream manufacturers offer a refund policy in the event the cream does not meet the expectations of the user. Not all creams work for all skin types. It might take some experimenting to find a cream that is effective for your skin.

Luckily, the better creams work for most people, so if you start with one of them, you will have better luck.

Also, different manufacturers offer different refund policy duration. Look for refund policies that last for no less than 30 days.


It is always nice to hear what others think of the products you are looking for. But for vaginal lightening creams, online testimonials aren’t necessarily authentic. It is easy for companies to post fake testimonials to boost their products.

Some companies, like Amaira, have processes in order to get a testimonial posted on their website. With such a process in place, you can be sure the testimonials are authentic. One of the best places to read testimonials is Amazon. In the past few years, Amazon has tightened up their review and ratings process making them much more reliable for good reviews and product feedback.


Look for both good and not so good reviews. For the not so good reviews, look to see how the company responds to the problem. Those that have good customer service and care about their customers address problems professionally and with the customers needs in mind.

Vaginal Lightening Practice

If you are interested in learning more about creams for vaginal lightening (or vaginal bleaching if you like), check out some of the products that we feel are the best on the market. We have researched them and provided answers to the factors that are discussed in this article.

When it comes to vaginal lightening, remember, it is a very personal decision to make on whether you want a lighter vulva with a more even skin tone or not. This should not be something you should be pressured into by your boyfriend or husband. If they are not happy with the color of your vagina, that is their problem. If you like the looks of a darker vulva, great, leave it be. There are plenty of men out there that do.

However, if this is something that you want to do for yourself, it is perfectly fine. Experiment with the new look. If you don’t like it, stop using the product. The discoloration will slowly come back.

If you haven’t already, check out our favorite creams. You won’t be disappointed.



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