Top 7 Essential Oils Blogs and Posts

Yeah, I know, most of these types of list give you the top 10 results. So why does this list have only 7 essential oils blogs? Well, quite simply, we only found 7 that I liked. Were there more? Sure there were. But most of them were from the “big dogs” of the essential oils marketplace, mainly doTerra and Young Living.

These two behemoths of the essential oils world are multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. Now I don’t have much against MLMs, I have experienced my own foray into that world. But, I just don’t see the need to promote them, and I don’t want to give you the impression that I am.

Please be aware, though. Some of the blogs I have listed are distributors from these companies. They promote specific products and offer a “business opportunity” for people to get involved with. I am not promoting these types of business opportunities, or these specific products. The websites are merely great information resources for using essential oils.

Now that we got that out of the way, the following websites are my favorites when it comes to information on using essential oils for your skin care needs. There is a lot that goes into my criteria for what makes them the top 7 including presentation of information, overall feel of the site, what else is being presented on the site, and, most importantly, adequate coverage of the topic.

If you are interested in learning more about using essential oils for your skin care, or for any other reason, check them out. You will probably learn something new. I certainly did.

Top 7 Essential Oils Blogs and Posts

#1 – The Hippy HomemakerHippy-Header-vanIt could just be that I am a former hippy (does it really ever get out of your system?), but I really like this site. I love the brand and I love the look. Written by a woman named Christine, this website covers a lot of topics about “Living Life is Peace, Love, and Hippiness”, a good deal of them about caring for you skin with natural products. She has a blog post that reviews a number of different essential oil companies and the products they produce. Check it out by clicking here

While this blog doesn’t necessarily cover using essential oils for skin care, skin care is definitely a big part of her passion, so discussing essential oils on the site is a natural fit. Her review of many of the more popular essential oil brands is a very helpful resource when it comes to choosing what to buy. There are many companies out there that make low quality oils from low quality sources. It is good to know the difference.

There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the site that says she does receive compensation for products bought through links from her site, but that doesn’t bother me. It is a great way to fund such great blogs and websites. That’s what I do.

#2 – The Nourished Lifenourished-lifeThis is a site very similar to The Hippy Homemaker. It is dedicated to what you might call “natural living”. Elizabeth, the writer, obviously has a passion for using homemade products made with natural ingredients. The backbone to it all is essential oils. She provides videos, ebooks, and other sources for guidance on living this way.

There is also a good deal of advertising, but again, that is how we make a living in this profession. So no big deal for me.

The Nourished Life is a part of the Young Living network, but it took me a while to discover that, so it isn’t really heavily promoted or “in-your-face” like some other sites.

The aspect that I like most about this site is its plethora of information on using essential oils. This page is specifically about using essential oils for various skin care needs including oily skin, breakouts and blemishes, dry skin, aging skin, and even dark spots (how perfect).

Modern Essential Oils#3 – Modern Essential Oils – This site is strictly about essential oils and is written by Becki, a young Utah woman with a lot of experience with essential oils. This is a very basic site that doesn’t have a whole lot of distracting content and advertisements. The information is well presented and clear in its intention.

There are some good additional resources including a series of essential oil eBooks written by Becki herself as well as other books by experts in the industry. There are many references to using essential oils for skin care and I would trust this source as a reference when needed, either for skin care or other uses of essential oils.

Crunchy Betty#4 – Crunchy Betty – Yeah, this is a fun site. “Betty” has provided for her readers a ton of fun, interesting and informative blog posts on conscious, healthy living.

Her 21 Things You Should Know About Essential Oils article is a very comprehensive and third party informational blog post. The writing is entertaining, easy to read, and well presented. She does make some recommendations at the end, which she earns commission on, but again, that doesn’t bother me and I don’t think it influences her conclusions.

Her main point is that there is a lot to learn about essential oils, too much to put into one simple blog post. She references many other sources for additional information as opens it up to her readers to continue the conversation in the comments section. However, the 21 facts she lists in the blog post cover quite a bit. Pretty impressive.

body-unburdened#5 – Body Unburdend – This is a very clean and well organized site, which I really like. It is pleasing to the eye and easy to explore. The primary intention of the site is to educate readers how to unburden their bodies from the constant barrage of toxic materials that we come into contact with on a daily basis. A lot of craft project, recipe, and DIY beauty product ideas are presented using natural products.

The woman who writes the blog has a great list of her top 10 recommended essential oils for skincare. The thing that I like most about her top 10 list is that she isn’t discussing her favorite brands. Instead she is focusing on the actual oil types and how they benefit the skin. She even has a great infographic within the post that is a quick reference guide to what each of the 10 oils are good for. Very neat.

Overall, this is a great resource site for healthy living and since there is a great post about essential oils, it naturally fit into this top 8 list.

WNM-Header#6 – Whole New Mom – Another healthy living website that is easy to navigate and pleasant to look at. There are a lot of ads along the right hand side of the site that can be a bit distracting from the main content, but its not too bad.

This blog is written by Adrienne from western Michigan and she practices what she preaches. A lot of her posts come about from her own experiences with various products, home remedies, recipes, and such. She post unique pictures and writes from a story tellers perspective, so it is an easy and entertaining read.

When it comes to essential oils, Whole New Mom is a slew of information. In contrast to Body Unburdened, Whole New Mom has an extensive exploration of into the different companies that make essential oils. In her 7 part series on the subject (here is Part 1), she delves into different aspects of each company, thoroughly explores the MLM aspects of Young Living and doTerra, and finally gives her recommendation on which essential oils company she considers the best.

There are additional articles on the subject matter of essential oil and it gives me the impression that Adrienne really has done her research and is presenting good information for her readers.

empowered sustenance#7 – Empowered Sustenance – Yup, the choices were limited as you can tell by the last blog on this list. This blog does not have information on essential oils. Instead, it addresses the use of oils, specific types of oils, for skincare. These are much different from essential oils, but I include them as they are a good addition to a skincare regimen. Knowing some proper oils that can be used for various skin care need is fantastic.

Empowered Sustenance is another healthy living blog written by Lauren, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Lauren speaks from experience and has dedicated her life to helping others overcome disorders through natural practices. She lists 8 different oils for skin care. She is promoting a company called Enessa, which manufactures these oils that include, Rosehip Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, Monoi Oil, and Moringa Oil.

According to the post (you can read it here) Adrienne has used all of these oils after being given samples by Enessa founder Michelle Ornstein. She had not used the oils previously, but once she did, she was amazed at the result.


So that is it. My top 7  blogs and blog posts about essential oils (except for the last one that is). I hope that  you have a chance to explore each of these sites. I do have them listed #1-7, but after writing this review, I realized that I really like all the blogs for various reasons and wouldn’t really put one ahead of the other. They are all packed with excellent information and resources on using essential oils for your skin care needs. Just another tool you can have in our quest for clearer, healthier skin.


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