Rejuvaderm MD Review

5 Stars

Skin care doesn’t stop when you walk out your front door or board a plane for a luxury vacation. If you follow a skin care regimen at home, it is important to maintain that regimen when you are on the road. Sure, creams and tonics are easy to transport. But what about the in-home diamond microdermabrasion system that is just too bulky to haul around? That is where portable systems come into play.


Of course, portable diamond microdermabrasion isn’t something you would use on a trip to the supermarket and it isn’t something you would be caught doing while sitting in traffic on the way to work. But, if you are going on a extended trip to visit family, or escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life with a winter trip to a remote ski resort, than maintaining your microdermabrasion routine is important.

Of course, you want to make sure that the portable system you can take with you is just as effective and gentle on your skin as the machine you have at home. The Rejuvaderm MD is just that system.

How to Use Rejuvaderm MD

To better understand how to use Rejuvaderm MD, here is the offical video put out by Trophy Skin, the makers of the Rejuvaderm MD. It gives a great tutorial on using the system to reduce dark spots, acne, and wrinkles.




The Rejuvaderm MD is our Number 1 rated portable diamond microdermabrasion system. It is top of the line microdermabrasion on the go. Bring this portable diamond microdermabrasion system with you, wherever you travel. Statewide, nationwide, or international travel is no problem with this tool. It is a little bit bigger that the other portable systems we reviewed, but if you have the space in your suitcase, it is well worth it. The features and power of this tool is one step up from the “pen” styles.

One of the best features on the Rejuvaderm MD is the combination of diamond tip microdermabrasion and suction. This dual action not only gently exfoliates the outer layer of skin, but it sucks dead skin cells and dirt away from the skin surface during treatment. The added suction allows for more effective use of the tool. This is a typical feature for in-home microdermabrasion machines. However, it is not a feature typically found in most portable devices.

One of the things that we like the most about the Rejuvaderm MD product is its lightweight yet powerful motor. Weighing in at only 1.3 kg, the Rejuvaderm MD is easily transportable in a purse or small bag. Yet it does not skimp on suction power or effective exfoliation.

The comfort grip and ergonomic design also allow for easy use. Though you only need 5 minutes to get through a full-face treatment, these features allow for effective application by not tiring our your arm or grip by having to hold an uncomfortable position or slippery device.


Additional Features

One feature that sets the Rejuvaderm MD apart from all other portable microdermabrasion machines is the infusion setting. With the Infusion tip, the application of specially formulated topical creams, like Meladerm, or moisturizers is more effective. The infusion tip helps creams penetrate the skin improving their effectiveness by up to 5 times than when applied by hand.

An additional Pore Extraction tip also comes standard with the Rejuvaderm MD system. This tip is used to effectively remove dirt and oils from the pores of the skin. This unclogs the pores and reduces blackheads, whiteheads, and built up oil. The extraction tip is best used between exfoliation treatments with the diamond tips.

Included Accessories

Standard sized, medium coarse Diamond Microdermabrasion Tip

Infusion Tip

Pore Extraction Tip

Package of Wool Filters

Instruction Book

Additional Accessories

These items are sold separately:

Large Diamond Microdermabrasion Tip for bodywork and large areas

Precision Diamond Microdermabrasion Tip for tight area and detailed work

Fine coarseness Diamond Microdermabrasion Tip for sensitive skin


This product is very easy to use and comes with an instructional manual for those that need guidance. It is lightweight and comfortable when using. There are multiple settings from different sensitivities, which is important for different skin types. Home microdermabrasion machines are far less expensive and time consuming than trips to the dermatologist and this portable unit is less expensive than its “at-home” counterpart.



There are just a few downsides to this particular product. There is no cleaning device that comes with the unit. The “at-home” model comes with a cleaning brush that is used to clean the diamond tip immediately after use. The portable model does not come with a cleaning brush. It is recommended that an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner be used to clean the diamond tips for extended life and effectiveness. There is also no carrying case. This is a portable product and it would be nice to have a case to carry it with along with the different tips, power cord, and creams. Finally, the cost of this unit is more than other portable units.

Consumer Ratings

Most consumers give 4 and 5 star ratings for this product. They love the ease of use, effectiveness, and accessories. For those few that gave lower ratings, they primarily complained about not seeing results, experienced pain when using, and felt their skin got worse after use.


The current price on Amazon is $199.00, but includes free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. There are often other sellers on Amazon that sell the unit for less, but do not include free shipping. This price is more that other portable diamond tip microdermabrasion products, but the quality, easy of use, and effectiveness make the higher price justified.



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