My Opinion on Intimate Lightening

I get a lot of questions, from both women and men, regarding intimate lightening. If you are not sure what I am referring to, intimate lightening is the lightening of the skin in the private, or intimate, areas of your body. Namely, the genitals, the nipples, and the anus.

The Stigma of Intimate Skin Lightening

There is a lot of stigma around this subject as many people think it is absolutely ridiculous that someone would want to, or feel the need to, change the color of their skin in their intimate areas. “Be happy with the color of your skin. Love what you are born with.” they might say.

Well, to a certain extent I can understand that point of view. It is healthy, both mentally and physically, to love your skin and your body in its natural state. Having darker, discolored skin, around your vagina, penis, and anus are very common. In fact it is more the norm that the oddity. So I feel that it is important to first be comfortable in your own skin before you chose to change it.

From my perspective, lightening the skin around your vagina, penis, anus or nipples is a very personal choice to make and should be something that you simply want to do. It is not something that you should do because someone else thinks you should. You should not be pressured into skin lightening just because someone thinks the darker skin looks bad.

Public Perception

This is where opponents of intimate skin lightening have the strongest argument. Misconceptions on what makes one beautiful, due to the influences of modern media have impressed upon people that having darker skin in our intimate areas is dirty, or gross, or unattractive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All skin is beautiful, no matter the color. People are attracted to different things and there are plenty of people out there that like darker skin around the nipples, around the inner thighs, and even on the penis.

Take me for example. I am fair skinned and I have pretty even skin on my body. But I also like dark skinned women and I also like a light skinned woman with a darker vagina. I think it is very attractive and quite a turn on. Don’t get me wrong, I also like a fair, even colored vagina, but the point is, it doesn’t matter to me. But I also am open to someone who is wanting to change their intimate skin color.

I see intimate skin lightening as something very similar to wearing makeup. It is not necessary, but most women do wear makeup. Of course, you could make the argument that makeup is also a product of media influences where women are bombarded on TV and the Internet with images of women with flawless skin. But for some reason, makeup doesn’t incite the same negative reactions.

Intimate Lightening – It’s Temporary

Since skin lightening isn’t permanent, it is something that can be done on occasion when you are in the mood. Unlike body piercings and tattoos, all you need to do is stop using whatever cream you have for the lightening and the darker skin will slowly return to its natural color. This is one reason it is important to use a cream that does not contain any ingredients that could create lasting health issues.

Intimate Lightening Cream

A natural intimate skin lightening cream does not contain ingredients like hydroquinone, which test have shown can lead to health problems like cancer. Using a natural cream will allow you to use the cream with a peace of mind that you aren’t putting harmful products on your skin.

That is why I recommend using Amaira Intimate Natural Skin Lightening Serum. It has natural ingredients and is made in the USA so the production it held to strict standards. This is unlike creams made overseas. To learn more about Amaira, check out my Amaira Intimate Skin Lightening Serum review.


Wrong Terminology Around Intimate Lightening

Another part of the problem I think people have with this subject is a result of inaccurate terminology. Sometimes people use the terms vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching. These terms sound more harsh than vaginal lightening or anal lightening. And I agree. The thought of “bleaching” my skin is not appealing. Bleach is very bad for your skin and I would never recommend using it to try and get rid of discoloration. Of course, I don’t think most people would try this, but the terminology puts a picture in your mind that is unappealing.

Whatever  you decide, I just want to reiterate that I feel intimate skin lightening is a very personal decision to make. If you have a partner, you may want to discuss it with them. However, you are the one with the final say in the matter. If you are looking for something new and want to make your nipples, vagina, penis, or anus look different, intimate lightening is a safe, non-permanent way of doing so. Give it a try. You might really like it.

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