Freckle Tattoos For Those That Love Freckles

freckle tattoos
Natural Freckles – Natural Beauty

Yup, you might not believe it, but some people just love freckles so much that they get freckle tattoos. The three women in this video don’t have natural freckles, but they love them on people. The freckle tattoos that they are getting aren’t permanent tattoos, but they can last for almost a whole year.

That is such a foreign concept to people that have freckles and don’t like them. As one woman says in this video: “I guess it’s the grass is always greener”. In my opinion, what it says is that, no matter what, there is always someone out there that finds something attractive where others don’t.

If you are one of those people that have freckles, but despise them. Take a look at this video, it might change your mind on them. You may feel, due to how our society seeks out “perfection”, that your freckles are a sign of imperfection and something to be ashamed of or hidden from public.


The truth couldn’t be farther from the truth. Freckles are looked at, by many many people by the way, as a beautiful thing. Something to be proud of and to flaunt.

Now, if you are one of those people that don’t naturally have freckles on your face, as you can see, you can get them put on in the same way you get a tattoo. The process is similar, but the results are a bit different.

Unlike regular tattoos, which are put on using ink, freckle tattoos are put on using a pigment. This pigment is similar to the substance that dictates the color of your skin. Eventually, the pigment fades and the freckle tattoos disappear. Usually between 6 month to a year.

Kind of fun. Giving yourself a different look that isn’t permanent. Unfortunately, the process is also a bit painful, much like getting a tattoo. So you have to be willing to endure that discomfort to get the desired look that lasts.

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