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Start now to lighten dark underarms with SkinBright underarm lightening cream.

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Underarm lightening creamSkin discoloration can happen on any part of the body. One of the more common areas is the armpit. Yes, the underarm is an area that has a tendency to darken more than the skin around it.

Unfortunately, this can be quite and embarrassment to some folks. Women especially are apt to be more susceptible to embarrassment since it is common to shave underarm hair that can expose discolored skin in the underarm.

Luckily there are many underarm whitening products available that can help reduce the darkened area and produce a more even skin tone in the underarm area. The key is to know what is causing your discoloration and what specifically can be done about it.

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Why do underarms become discolored?

When you discover that the skin in your armpit has become discolored, which can be little of a shock, the first thing to try and figure out is the cause of the discoloration. Just using a topical cream to reverse the discoloration would not address the underlying issue.

If your skin has become discolored due to irritation, the source of the irritation needs to be addressed first and foremost. Are there harsh chemicals in the shaving cream or waxing product you may use to remove hair? Are you pulling out hairs (plucking) in order to have less hair in your underarm? Does shaving your armpits tend to cause irritation? These are the kind of questions you need to be asking .

Underarm Hyperpigmentation comes from a build up of melanin that causes extra color. Underarms get discolored for a variety of reasons:

  • build up of dead skin cells
    • new cells push off old cells, but old cells get trapped in pockets
    • build up of melanin in pockets
  • skin irritation – from shaving, waxing, plucking, deodorant/antiperspirant, etc.

When is underarm whitening cream needed?

Whenever you are embarrassed to have darkened skin in your underarms. Certain times of the year, like summer, more revealing clothes are worn exposing underarms. For some, year round even skin is important for confidence.

How do I get rid of underarm discoloration?

Getting rid of underarm discoloration is relatively simple. Underarm whitening treatment is as simple as an application of specialized creams that target skin discoloration.

One thing to consider is that the discoloration may be due to skin irritation. So applying a cream that can further the irritation might make things worse.

Therefore, it is important to choose a high quality underarm lightening cream that is made up of high quality ingredients that are designed to minimize irritation.

What is underarm whitening cream?

even underarm skin toneOnce the reasons for the discoloration in the armpit have been discovered, the use of underarm whitening cream should be used to treat the discoloration. It is the best way to deal with darkened skin.

These creams are specifically formulated to deal with the sensitive skin in the armpit while addressing the build up of melanin, which is causing the discoloration. Other creams that are formulated to be used on other parts of the body are not necessarily ideal for sensitive skin. They can be a little stronger and contain ingredients that might cause additional irritation.

So, using creams that are designed for application in the underarm are important to reduce the possibility of irritation.

How does it work?

Whitening creams all work in pretty much the same way. They block the activators in the body that produce melanin, the substance that determines the darkness of the cells in skin and hair.

When melanin is not produced, skin cells don’t become dark. As new, lighter skin cells replace old, dark skin cells, which are sloughed off the body, the resulting new skin is lighter in color.

How to Use Underarm Whitening Cream

Different manufacturers have different guidelines for applying underarm whitening cream. However, most recommend an application once or twice a day. A once a day application is usually at night, right before bed. Twice a day applications would include an application in the morning.

It is important to check the label of the cream you are going to use for the proper number of daily applications. Over application can lead to irritation.

underarm lighteningThe amount of cream to apply in one application is also product specific. Some creams recommend the product to be rubbed into the skin. Others recommend applying a thick layer of cream to the treatment are and not rubbing in the product.

Again, it is important to read the product label to understand the right amount of cream to apply.

One thing that is fairly universal is the location where the product is to be applied. Since these products are meant to reduce the amount of melanin in the skin, which results in a lightening of the skin, it is important to make sure that the cream is only applied to the area that is to be lightened.

Application to skin areas outside of the dark spot can cause that skin to become over lightened. This does not mean that the cream needs to be meticulously applied only to the dark area, but care should be taken not to over apply the product to areas that do not need lightening.

Where to Buy Underarm Whitening Cream

There are many companies that sell underarm whitening products as well as products for whitening other parts of the body. These are primarily skin care companies that offer a wide range of skin care products.

There are also companies that specialize in just whitening products for the underarm area. These formulations are typically made with ingredients that are less irritating on sensitive skin, like the underarm and other “intimate” areas.

Here is a list of some of the best underarm whitening products that are formulated specifically for the underarm:

Disclosure: In order to cover costs to maintain this site and to provide you with the latest information on skin discoloration, purchases made through links on this page result in a small donation back to me. I do not receive free products or payment for a positive review of this product. Of the products mentioned below, I have purchased Skin Bright and have used it personally.

Skin Bright logoSkin Bright (My Recommendation) – Skin Bright is a US base company that specializes in skin lightening products. Their line of products are considered to be made with “all natural ingredients”.

They utilize a combination of Alpha Arbutin, derived from the Bearberry tree, and Kojic Acid, two proven ingredients in reducing melanin production and lightening skin. The product is backed by an amazing 60 day risk free guarantee and has been featured on leading women’s websites.

To learn more about Skin Bright’s effectiveness in lightening the underarm, visit their official website. Only on their official site can you take advantage of their multiple bottle purchase discounts. These include 1 free bottle with the purchase of 3 bottles and 2 free bottles with the purchase of 4 bottles. Both great deals.

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Skin Bright also ships worldwide to most countries. However, they do have additional guidelines for international orders, including those to Canada. Please refer to their shipping policy for more details.

Relumins – makers of a full line of skin whitening products. Their Authentic Relumins Underarm Cream
is formulated with Alpha Arbutin, Glutathione, Bearberry Extrat, Licorice Extract, Kojic Acid, and Rosehip Oil.

Relumins is available online, but you will pay extra for shipping, which makes it more expensive than SkinBright. It also does not come in an airless bottle, which can reduce its effectiveness over time. SkinBright is definitely the better choice here.

mosbeauMosbeau – Placenta White Underarm and Dark Spot Cream. Japan based Mosbeau has a complete line of skin care products. They are exclusively distributed in Japan and, more recently, in the Philippines, but is available online. Authentic Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm & Dark Spot Cream

Primary ingredients include Horse Placental Protein, a popular skin lightening agent in Japan, Bellis Perennis Extract (Daisy Extract), Alpha Arbutin, Fulvic Acid, and Artemia Extract.

You read that right, they use horse placenta. Kind of strange, but effective with 300 more amino acids that any other placenta source. Mosbeau also uses marine placenta protein, from Japanese salmon eggs, in some of their other products. Placenta protein has been used for centuries in many cultures including Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and post Renaissance Europe.

Mosbeau is available online, mainly through Amazon, but availability is spotty and is often out of stock. The cream does not come in an airless bottle, which can reduce its efficacy over time. Since the product is made in Japan, shipping can take a bit of time. While this product is effective and receives great reviews on Amazon, it doesn’t beat SkinBright for cost, fast shipping, and lasting effectiveness.

Roll On Deodorants and Antiperspirant

These products are a little different from the rest of the products on the list in that they are not creams. They are actual deodorants and antiperspirants that also come with the added benefit of whitening and lightening the underarm skin. These products are great for maintenance of lighter underarms, but they will not have the same results if not used with a cream like SkinBright.

garnierGarnier Light Whitening Deodorant – This is a roll on deodorant that you can apply daily to not only eliminate odors, but as a whitening and lightening application. The ingredients are similar to your typical deodorant, so if you are looking for something more “natural”. This might not work for you.

NiveaNivea Extra Whitening Pore Minimizer Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on – 50ml X 3 Packs – Very similar to Garnier, but with added antiperspirant to help keep you dry.

When to stop or when to not use Underarm Whitening Cream

There are very few instances when one should not be using an underarm whitening cream, no matter what the ingredients. The primary one is when you are pregnant. Not a single manufacturer recommends using these types of creams if you are pregnant. It is not known if the ingredients in whitening creams can have an effect on a growing fetus, but the risk just isn’t worth it. So, if you are pregnant, then it is time to stop using underarm whitening products.

Another circumstance when using these products is not recommended is if you have had some side effect in the past. If you are prone to develop a skin rash or other irritation after using skin care products, it might not be wise to try whitening your skin with a cream or lotion.

Finally, it is not recommended for you to use any product longer than recommended by the manufacturer. Most skin lightening products are not meant to be used long term. They should be used only until the desired results are achieved. Longer use can lead to other skin problems.

If you find that the discoloration returns, simply resume use of the product until it has gone away again.


In between uses, it is important that your underarm whitening products be stored correctly. If you have purchased a quality product, most likely the manufacturer has packaged the cream or lotion in an airless bottle. These bottles do not use the typical pump and straw system that introduces air into the container.

Exposure to air can oxidize the active ingredients in even the best underarm whitening products. Airless bottles use a vacuum and piston system that pushes the product up from the bottom of the container not allowing any air inside.

Even though the containers are designed to keep out light and air, it is still a good idea to store your products in a dark area that stays at a constant room temperature.






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