Skin Lightening Cream for Black Skin

The topic of skin lightening for African Americans is a highly controversial one. The skin lightening we are talking about here is not just lightening a few darks spots or old acne scars, but where the overall complexion is changed to a lighter tone. You may be considering a skin lightening cream for black skin as a cream to change your overall skin tone.

Here at Skin Discoloration Solutions, we do not encourage this pursuit of full body skin lightening. It is a dangerous and unhealthy cosmetic decision. The tone of ones skin is unique to themselves and should be honored as such. Lightening the skin over your whole body has been shown to lead to serious health risks such as cancer.

Increased Health Risk of Skin Bleaching

This increased risk of skin cancer comes in two forms. First, any product that contains ingredients that reduces the production of melanin is not a mild product. Constant use of such products, no matter how “natural” they are, is never recommended. And that is for spot treatment.

Using the products over your entire body would only exacerbate the issue. Temporary spot treatment is very different than long-term whole body treatment.

Secondly, the production of melanin, and the process by which it darkens your skin, is the body’s natural defense mechanism to the harsh UV rays coming from the sun. Spending time in the sun will result in darker skin and if you were born with naturally dark skin, then that is what you body needs to protect it. Using skin lightening for black skin can reduce the body’s natural defense tools and increase cancer risks.

Celebrities Accused of Dark Skin Lightening

There are many famous people of African decent in today’s society that appear or have been accused of lightening their skin. Former MLB player Sammy Sosa, pop singers Rihanna and Lil Kim, award winning actress Halle Berry, and legendary singers Diana Ross and Michael Jackson have all been accused of using skin lightening creams for their black skin.

Vybz Kartel

Where these celebrities have denied such accusations, there are others that have not. Vybz Kartel, a Jamaican dancehall reggae artist, has admitted to bleaching his skin to obtain a fairer complexion. He does not have a problem with black people lightening their skin. He has even go so far as to produce his own line of skin lightening cream for black skin that he promotes to lighten one’s complexion, not just for spot treatments.

Denica – Whitenicious

denicaAnother current pop singer, Denica, also does not deny lightening her skin to a fairer complexion. However, her product line, Whitenicious, is not sold as a skin bleaching or skin lightening product for whole body treatment. Denica vehemently defends her product as a dark spot remover and hyperpigmentation treatment.

She insists that she does not encourage people to use her product for skin bleaching, though she doesn’t discourage it at the same time. While the wording of her advertising targets darks spot removal and hyperpigmentation treatment, the pictures of herself on her website with noticeably light skin are striking.

This is the heart of the controversy behind Denica. The pictures that are used to advertise the product clearly show her as almost white skinned, where she is clearly not naturally that way. The pictures are prominent and send the wrong message to her targeted audience.

Best Skin Lightening Cream for Dark Skin

Due to the controversy, I don’t recommend using Whitenicious. I am just not sure about the intent behind her product. I am also unsure of the ingredients in the product.

spotThat being said, I do promote a number of products on this site for dealing with dark spots. When it comes to treating dark spots on darker skin, primarily black skin, I recommend Caspah. You can read the review of Caspah and other products, or take a look at their official website. There are countless testimonials and reviews of the cream that attest to its effectiveness, AS A DARK SPOT REMOVER. We do not promote this product as a whole body skin lightening product.

Here are a couple of testimonials taken from the Caspah website which a test to the effectiveness of Caspah’s Spot Lightening Cream:

Caspah Testimonial 1 Caspah Testimonial 2

Please keep in mind, most skin lightening creams have varying effectiveness on a case-by-case basis. What works for one person may not work for another and visa versa. But don’t be discouraged; patience is a very important part of getting rid of black spots and hyperpigmentation. It takes a bit of time.

Other Skin Lightening Creams for Black Skin

There are a number of other skin lightening creams that we promote that are very effective in lightening skin. There are products designed specifically for reducing age spots, products for reducing discoloration from scars, products for reducing melasma, and even products for reducing dark skin around the nipples, vagina, and anus. We encourage you to explore these many different products and find the one that is best for your particular situation. There are many to choose from, we hope that we can make the decision easier for you.

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