Anal Bleaching

anal lighteningAre you curious about anal bleaching? Have you considered getting the skin around your anus lightened? Are you wanting to lighten darkened anus skin, but are unsure about how to do it? Are you looking for the right product for anal bleaching?

Well you are in the right place. I have done all the legwork for you. I understand how you feel about the dark skin around your anus and have found a great product that is perfect for lightening your anus.


Here is a quick comparison of three anal lightening creams that we have reviewed on this site.

 AmairaCaspahPink Privates
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Intimate Lightening Cream

There are plenty of products out there for lightening skin, whether its for dark spots, melasma, age spots, or freckles. But when it comes to lightening more sensitive areas like the anus, vagina, penis, nipples, or underarms, it is better to use a product that is specifically formulated for the application.

The product you are looking for is called intimate lightening cream and there are many different brands available on the market. However not all brands are the same. There are big differences in ingredients, packaging, and service.

Using Anal Bleaching Cream

Before we get into the details of what make a good anal bleaching product, it is important to go over the reason for using such a cream.

Like most people, you most likely have darkened skin around your anus. For some people this is not favorable. An even skin tone is more desirable.

Although this part of the body is not exposed very often, many women like the idea of having a lighter anus. This could be for exposure during sex, exposure while taking photography, or for exposure while wearing certain types of clothing.

Whatever the reason, an anal bleaching cream will even out and lighten the skin tone. This can improve confidence and self-esteem in certain situations. It can also make a woman feel cleaner and more attractive.

Anal Bleaching Application

After you have purchased you anal bleaching cream, it is pretty easy to use. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for frequency and duration of product use. To apply, it is as easy as rubbing on hand cream.

Just use your fingers to gently rub the cream into the skin that you would like to lighten. Rub until the cream is absorbed into the skin. A great time to do this is after taking shower when the anus is clean and soft from the warm water. For some, using a mirror can help when applying.

Most manufacturers recommend an application twice a day until the desired skin tone is reached, which can take a couple of weeks. Once you have achieved the tone your like, discontinue using the product. Additional applications will result in further lightening, and possibly irritation, which will cause uneven skin tones.

After discontinuing use, if not maintained, the skin will eventually return to its darker color.

Using the anal bleaching cream on an as needed basis, like once a week or once every two weeks, can prevent this. How often it is needed to maintain the desired tone will depend on your particular skin. So you will have to monitor your skin color until you develop the proper regimen.

It is important to remember that intimate lightening creams used for anal bleaching are only to be used as topical treatments. It is not for internal use. So applying the product inside the anus or using it as a lubricant is not recommended and should never be done.

Anal Bleaching Products

Now let’s back to products used for anal bleaching. As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to make sure the product you choose is of good quality, reliable, effective, and, if necessary, affordable.

You want to make sure that the cream you chose to use does not contain hydroquinone, no matter what the concentration. This substance has been linked to health issues such as cancer.

If you use hydroquinone will you get cancer? Probably not, but for me, I prefer to avoid any substance, to the extent that it is possible, which can put me on the path toward developing cancer.

You also want to make sure the product doesn’t contain mercury, steroids, or parabens. These substance that have their own health risks.

Product with strong perfumes and dyes should also be avoided. These substances can cause irritation and discomfort in sensitive areas. No one likes an itchy bum.

There are great products that used more naturally derived ingredients such as Kojic acid, which is derived from rice, and Alpha Arbutin, which is derived from the Bearberry tree. These substances come from natural resources and are just as effective in lightening skin.

Additional ingredients to look for in an anal bleaching cream are Vitamin E, Retinol (Vitamin A), glycerin, and naturally derived oils, like coconut and jojoba oil. These substances promote healthy soft skin, which can be nice for the anus.

Finally, if you want a product with a scent, those that use essential oils for fragrance are much better. Essential oils do not irritate sensitive skin and are quite pleasant on the nose, unlike strong, unnatural perfumes.

My Favorite Anal Bleaching Cream

When it comes to anal bleaching creams, my favorite is Amaira. They specialize in specific formulations of lightening creams for specific applications. Their Intimate Lightening Serum is excellent for anal bleaching. They use naturally derived ingredients and essential oils.

They are a US based company and manufactures its products in the US, so the standard for their creams are very high and regulated by the FDA. They package their creams in airless dispenser bottles that adds longevity to the product to maintain efficacy. Other manufacturers put their product in tubs, which expose the product to oxygen, decreasing the shelf life of the cream.

Check out my detailed review of the company and their product in this post to see all the great things I like about this product. It really is top notch.